Earth.Gif Make Peace With Nature

          "Make Peace With Nature" is a syndicated, public affairs television program which deals with solutions to problems of conservation, energy and the environment.

          It has been on the air and in continuous production since May 1973, and airs as 52 original shows per year.  It is produced at the studios and with the facilities of WKRC-TV, Channel 12, Cincinnati.

          It is syndicated to commercial, cable and PBS stations throughout the United States and is seen in many major markets in excellent time slots.

          David F. Surber, host of the broadcast, has produced all 2200 editions of "Make Peace With Nature."

          The show has won - and, frankly, deserves - high marks for its fairness and balance and has generated thousands of viewer letters over the years, virtually all of which have said they found the program balanced, constructive, informative and interesting.

          Guests have included sitting vice presidents, many senators and congresspersons, cabinet officials, CEOs of large and important corporations, environmental ministers from many foreign countries, conservationists and anyone qualified to present some positive solution to a problem which adversely affects air, water, land and human health.

          The show is supplied at no cost to stations which choose to air it on a weekly basis.          

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